Holistic Pregnancy Preparation

As with all major decisions in our life, starting a family is something that truly benefits from mindful planning.

Before conceiving, it is crucial to release unwanted energies from our bodies, both in the physical and auric bodies. Providing the best care for Self, baby, partner and all concerned, you create positive and healthy vibrations in the environment, within and without.

Being well-informed and prepared, you can consciously take control and effect positive change thereby having a much more enjoyable experience in the process.

Whether it is infertility or fertility challenges, this can be very stressful and damaging.
Life challenges that affect fertility are wide ie: stress, lifestyle choices, age etc.

This 1-day training holistically prepares the body, mind and spirit positively for conceiving.

Working with energy and the physical bodies, we cover the following basics:
- Holistic planning and preparation on all levels
- Understanding the menstrual cycle
- Boosting fertility with massage
- Castor oil therapy
- Fertility massage techniques
- Relevant TCM acupressure points and meridian pathways to boost fertility
- Relevant aromatherapy essential oils to boost fertility
- Relevant reflexology points to boost fertility
- Positive lifestyle changes and nutrition
- Stress management techniques such as meditation and complementary therapies
- Body/mind health and awareness such as yoni v-spa, affirmations and visualisations for releasing   and creating goals

Pre-requisites: None however Swedish Body Massage and Anatomy & Physiology preferred.

Recommended Support Complementary Modalities
Basic Counselling
Doula Support
Facial Treatments
Holistic Reflexology
Infant & Child Massage
Manifesting Rituals
Manual Lymphatic Drainage
Oriental Acupressure & Meridian Healing
Oriental TCM Moxibustion Therapy
Pregnancy Massage
Space Cleansing
Swedish Body Massage
Vibrational Sacred Sound Healing

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