Meditation has been used for centuries to heal the physical body and calm the mind. It is total body healing of mind, soul and body.

It is the act of achieving a state of consciousness in which the mind is totally still, yet alert. This deliberate state of stillness is neither a religious activity nor a form of hypnosis. It is a process of self-development that enhances mental and physical health.

It is an excellent tool to help relieve stress. It is beneficial for improving your general well being, easing the stress thus promoting relaxation, for clarity of thought, focus, calmness, inspiration and for enhancing your inner glow.

Meditation is beneficial for all ages and with practice, you can go into a state of tranquillity.

It is important to take time out to nurture yourself and meditation is a wonderful way to enhance many healing practices.

Enjoy and explore in two beautiful days the various and inspiring forms of meditation from sound, mudras, chakras, colour etc and begin to experience inner serenity, freedom, love, calmness, clarity of mind, renewed vigour and vitality in such a short period of stillness. You will also learn to write and deliver meditation.

Wear loose fitting clothes and bring along mats and blankets for comfort.

No pre-requisites required.

Recommended complementary modalities: Space Cleansing, Aura Healing, Colour Healing, Reiki, Pendulum Dowsing, Basic and Advanced Crystal Healings, Manifesting Rituals,Chakra Balancing and Mandalas