Holistic Pregnancy Massage

Touch, our first language, enhances our expression of love, caring, respect and aids in the bonding process.

We speak to the baby through our hands by loving touch.

Pregnancy massage promotes wellbeing and enhances bonding between mother-to-be, baby, partner as well as the massage giver.

Pregnancy massage assists in the growth and development of baby's body, mind and spirit whilst still in the womb and it also helps with physical signs the body undergoes during these months.

The training is focused on meeting the needs of both mother-to-be and baby.

- First, second and third trimesters
- Body changes and guidelines through the pregnancy
- Bonding, respecting the body language
- Benefits, precautions and contra-indications
- High risk pregnancies, consent, written release and referrals
- Preparation of work area, various positioning
- Techniques, pressure, rate, rhythm, length of the massage
- Massage routine to suit the pregnant client
- Acupressure and reflex zones
- Prenatal, antenatal and labour aromatherapy massage
- Aftercare and product recommendations

The training is 1 day and expectant mother as model to be from the second trimester onwards.

Pre-requisites: Swedish Body Massage and Anatomy & Physiology.

Pregnancy Support Testimonial - Stezzy:
The most relaxing and therapeutic pregnancy massage treatments like none other in Melbourne! Itís so easy for me to forget to be kind to my body and soul between working full time and planning for the baby so I looked forward to every appointment with Corrine. Corrine's massages not only helped with the aches and pains that came with my pregnancy but also allowed me to relax into the beauty of growing a life inside of me. I would arrive at my appointment tired, sore and stressed but because Corrine is brilliant at what she does and is knowledgeable about pregnancy massage. I would always leave feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated. After working on me with different modalities, she would connect with my baby with some reiki, belly massage and singing bowls. Watching and feeling my baby connect back was such a beautiful experience. Corrine is very compassionate and caring and I highly recommend her. Every mother-to-be should be treated as wonderfully as she has helped me feel. Very thankful to have found Corrine.

Birth Doula Testimonial - Stezzy:
I have been seeing Corrine for pregnancy support treatments leading up to the big day, so Corrine was no stranger to me, my partner and my baby. Having a Birth Doula was the best decision my partner and I could have made in preparation for the birth of our baby. Our plan A went out the window from the very beginning so I really donít know what it would have looked like without having Corrine. She has the expertise and empathy to support me through labour, which ultimately turned out to be the most challenging experience of my life. Corrine worked together with my partner to help me through the early contractions, she guided my partner on how to support and hold me, she set the ambiance of the room, she kept the heat packs coming, she reminded me to breathe intentionally with my affirmations and gave me labour massages with essential oils. The personal care from Corrine was far more than we could possibly have asked for. She also took photos during this journey, which was really interesting to see afterwards. With so much gratitude and appreciation, we offer our thanks to Corrine. Her support and advice have been exactly what we needed. We are so pleased we could share this experience with such a beautiful soul.

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Please dress appropriately for a massage session.

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