Beauty Basics

Basic Skin Care
Body Massage
Body Treatments
Brow and Lash Tint
Brow Sculpting
Creative Makeup
Facial Massage
Facial Treatments
Lash Perming
Makeup Artistry
Manicure and Pedicure
Mask Therapy


Basic Waxing

In three days, we will cover both basic face and body waxing using hot and strip waxes (traditional and roll-on methods). Course contents include:
- Knowledge of hot and strip wax
- Hair growth
- Client consultation
- Preparations
- Contraindications
- Product & equipment knowledge
- Health, hygiene & sanitation
- Client awareness and
- Aftercare

No pre-requisites required.
Waxing models required for the various areas to be waxed.

Advanced Waxing/Brazilian

This training is only for those who already have prior waxing knowledge and expertise.
In the three hours, we will perform the various techniques to achieve Brazilian Waxing covering:
- Client consultation
- Preparations
- Contraindications
- Health, hygiene & sanitation
- Client awareness
- Aftercare

Pre-requisites: Working knowledge of Basic Waxing vital.
Trainee to organise appropriate female waxing models.

Wax Yourself

This workshop is for the non-professionals - anyone wanting to wax themselves at home. Extremely convenient and saves money. In one day, self-waxing areas are:
- Eyebrows and lip
- Underarms
- Arms and legs
- Bikini line
- Brazilian (if you are adventurous)

No pre-requisites required. Just offer your own body.
Hand-out notes provided but no certificate supplied with this workshop.

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