Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vagina. In Hindu philosophy, according to Tantra, yoni is the origin of life. In Indian religions according to Vedas and Bhagavad Gita, Yoni is a form of life or a species. The yoni is the creative power of nature.

Female Health VagiSpa is commonly known as V-Spa Therapy, Vagina Spa, VG Spa or Vagina Steam Baths. In Korea it is called Chai Yok, in Indonesia Ratus or Gang Gang.

This traditional technique of cleansing the intimate and sensitive female organs has been practised for over 600 years in Asia and the Middle East. It is non-invasive and natural as the steam bath or smoking ceremony, fogging, utilises Mother Nature's own healing herbs. The reported benefits are:

- For puberty or menstruating women
- Regulates menstrual cycle
- Women wanting to get married
- Aids fertility
- For after childbirth
- For menopausal women, it can be used to enhance sexual arousal and self-confidence
- Reduces stress, fight infection and clears haemorrhoids
- Improves and maintains feminine hygiene, cleanliness and freshness
- Prevents and reduces vaginal discharge (leucorrhea), odour or mild inflammation
- Prevents itching and infection
- Improves blood circulation and body energy
- Reduce muscle tightness and spasms
- Helps with certain skin conditions, heal tears more quickly due to improved blood flow to the area
- Alleviates symptoms such as burning and "rawness"; and constipation due to muscle tightness
- Prevents vaginal infection (yeast) and uterine cancer
- Helps improve immunity and the spirit of cervical cancer patients by way of relaxation
- Improves marital relationship
- Increased sexual gratification
- Gynaecological problems
- Minimises the use of panty liners
- Very soothing and relaxing
- Deep detoxification
- Natural and non-invasive

Learn in a day this traditional non-invasive female health ritual to apply for life, to improve and maintain feminine hygiene using natural herbs from Mother Nature's own healing garden. You will receive the benefits through experiencing the treatment and perform the ritual during the course of the lesson.

No pre-requisites required.

Recommended complementary modalities: Ayurveda, Beauty, Healing, Massage and Spa modules

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