Stress Therapy

All of us experience stress. Most of us ignore it until we reach the point where we're unable to function properly.

In a delightful, stress free day, we look at what stress is, the likely causes, the signs, understanding the impact these may have on you and coping with it utilising various management skills to cater treatments to the different types of stresses.

Being aware of the physical and psychological signs and symptoms that stress can produce and its effect it can have on all the systems of the body can help us begin our management toward balance and wellbeing.

We look at rest, recreation and sleep, diet and nutrition, physical exercise, traditional methods of complementary and holistic therapies as part of the coping strategies. Interpersonal skills, planning and time management are also discussed as effective managers.

This workshop is for every individual wanting to find balance and happiness so as to achieve the desired virtues to maintain a fulfilling and successful life, with self and others, within and without.

Wear loose fitting clothes and bring along mats and blankets for comfort.

No pre-requisites required.