Hawaiian Stone Massage

An ancient culture dating thousands of years and used by Tibetan monks and the American Indians, stones were used for many purposes, ranging from grounding to achieving deeper levels of relaxation as well as for healing processes.

What we know as "alternative therapy" has been part of the eastern world's regime of sciences for thousands of years. This science enables people to keep in focus the paths they have chosen. The ancient healing art of stone is a modality for physical and spiritual balancing.

The gentle transformational properties of mineral and semi-precious stones, working in harmony using them with the various massage techniques, the body is relaxed at its deepest level.

Their specific resonance transmit energy and, when placed on the body, removes blockages dissolving the body's stress and brings harmony into the environment, neutralising negative energies to balance over-stimulated areas and regenerating, revitalising and reconnecting with positive energies. Stone Therapy is used to rejuvenate and creates a sense of wellbeing.

Using stones in massage therapy is a holistic and alternative approach, grounded by the science of touch and the human response. The physiological benefits of alternating hot and cold to the body have long been scientifically and medically proven. The "vascular gymnastics" of the circulatory system assists the body in self-healing.

Many people are seeking a more holistic approach in their everyday life and the need to create a balance to the emotional, physical and spiritual being is increasing.

Discover how to incorporate this therapy, giving variety to your existing treatments.

Experience and enjoy the benefits of this holistic and grounding therapy over three days to enable yourself to experience the therapeutic effects of the stones personally.

Pre-requisites: Swedish Body Massage and Anatomy & Physiology.

Please dress appropriately for a massage session.

Recommended complementary modalities: Swedish Body Massage, Lomi Lomi, Chakra Balancing, Basic and Advanced Crystal Healings, Space Clearing, Aura Healing and Aromatherapy

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