Sports & Deep Tissue Massage

The major uses of massage in athletes are to lessen the chances of injury, prevent unnecessary lameness, and prepare muscles for peak performance.

Sports massage differs from other types of massage in that the treatment should be done preferably before an injury occurs and is included in any well-rounded training program for:

Providing extra nourishment to the vital muscle groups

Conditioning before activity so as to reduce the likelihood of injury

Increasing the overall level of performance of the athlete

Preventing or reducing lameness following extreme activity

A safe return to the sporting activity if injury does occur, with

Proper management and rehabilitation

Massage has become an integral and important necessity in the filed of sports medicine and is important for athletes of all kinds. It is imperative for any athlete to incorporate it as part of their training regimen.

In this two-day introductory workshop to understanding Sports and Deep Tissue Massage, we will cover the basics including:

Pre-event massage (injury prevention),

Post-event massage (promoting recovery) and

Restorative/Injury Management (treating injuries)

Pre-requisites: Swedish Body Massage and Anatomy & Physiology.

Please dress appropriately for a massage session.

Recommended complementary modalities: Seated Chair Massage, Advanced Massage, Trigger Point and Stone Massage

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