Special Needs Massage

This form of gentle massage caters to individuals requiring specific attention for their special needs and issues:

- Chronically Ill - Cancer/Oncology
- Elderly/Seniors - Arthritis, Mobility, Muscle & Bone Deterioration
- Geriatric - Dementia, Parkinson's Disease
- Mental Health - Anxiety Disorders (OCD/Panic Attacks), Mood Disorders (Bipolar/Depression),
  Personality Disorders (Autism/Behaviour Issues), Psychotic Disorders (Schizophrenia)
- Palliative Care - comfort, support, stress and pain relief
- Special Needs - physical disabilities, medical conditions, intellectual difficulties, emotional
  problems, deafness, blindness, dyslexia, learning difficulties, behavioural problems

Special Needs massage addresses and respectfully supports the individual's physical, emotional, mental & spiritual health; and is beneficial to sustaining and maintaining wellbeing & quality of life:

- Massages help with good bowel movement that averts constipation
- Improves and stimulates blood and lymph circulation, leading to faster healing by the body
- Reduces joint pain, inflammation and oedema
- Decreased levels of fear, stress, anxiety, pain and feelings of isolation
- Releases endorphins for positive mood enhancement
- Lowered blood pressure levels
- Regular heartbeat, especially in stroke patients

The basic topics covered are:

- Physiological and sociological aspects of ageing and the health issues concerned
- Evaluating the needs of the individual in those environments
- Precautions, conditions and contraindications
- Adjusting the massage methods according to the needs and health of the individual

This one-day training focuses on developing a uniquely individualised massage session that addresses the individual's specific issues and needs with gentleness, sensitivity and respect.

No pre-requisites required. We come from a gentle, open and supportive heart space.
Knowledge of Swedish Body Massage and Anatomy & Physiology preferred.

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