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Sound Healing Sessions With Corrine Brown

Our complex physiology can be afflicted by physical dysfunctions and pains, as can our mental and emotional being. Sound Therapy is a proven method of relieving the physical, mental and spiritual problems, by producing healing vibrations, which repositions the body's cell into a state of harmony.

Through the act of passive listening to the rich and harmonizing sounds and overtones of various instruments, we can quickly reach a profound state of deep body-mind relaxation to experience inner silence, balance and a heightened state of awareness. When we are no longer limited by our thinking mind, suffering and pain disappear and we are able to move towards a new understanding of our relationships, of nature, and of the profound wisdom that is to be found in stillness, inducing a feeling of well-being and a very effective state of mental and physical relaxation.

Disease is a disharmony of the vibration of the cells, tissues and organs. Sound therapy has an immediate beneficial effect vibrating the cells back into its harmonious state. Sound Healing gently breaks away any tension, giving the body a nurturing massage on a cellular level.

Allow yourself to receive a gentle and relaxing sound healing session, immersing in the vibrational sounds that are healing to your mind, body and soul. Sound massages and sound baths provide rest in a safe and secure environment. This peaceful relaxation at a profound level allows your body to find its natural equilibrium whilst quieting the mind, creating space for insights, resolution for emotional issues or a sense of coming home to Self.

- Sound Massage. Bowls are placed on and/or around the dressed body and/or in the aura.
- Sound Bath Meditation. A range of instruments played intuitively mainly with gongs, Himalayan   and quartz crystal bowls, healing tuned bars, koshi chimes, shakers, rainsticks, bells, monochord,   ocean drum, shamanic drum or whatever else is required at the time.

During these gentle sound journeys, time is suspended and the results of the gentle vibrations are revitalisation, strengthening, induces a feeling of wellness, deep relaxation of the mind, body and spirit, peace, inner harmony, rejuvenation, heightened awareness, acceleration of an inward journey and relief from pain and stress. Sense, experience and be vibrantly alive once more.

Some Sound Healing benefits are:
- Holistic treatment approach
- Promotes health and wellbeing from within facilitating personal transformation and healing
- Regenerates and revitalises body, mind and spirit
- Improves body awareness
- Profound state of deep relaxation on all levels thus experiencing inner silence and a heightened   state of awareness with the release of neurotransmitters endorphins and dopamine
- Induces a state of meditation
- Improves quality and quantity of sleep and fine tunes the circadian rhythm
- Comforting, soothing and supportive
- Harmonises the aura, balances the chakras and detoxifies at a cellular level
- Breathing slows down, heart rate drops, body temperature sinks, neurotransmitters (dopamine   and endorphins) are produced bringing about a happy state
- Releases stress, tension, blockages and toxins from the body
- Alleviates physical pain - joint/muscles, sciatica, headaches/migraines, digestive system, poor   cirulation, damaged discs, neck/shoulder/back aches, abdomen, organs, high blood pressure etc
- Alleviates mental and emotional pains - low self-esteem, fears, anger, doubts, worries, anxiety,   depression, insomnia and any feelings that have a negative impact on health
- Increases energy and strength
- Improved immune system by stimulating the self-healing mechanism within the body
- Mental clarity
- Brings balance, harmony, inner calm and bliss in your life
- Brings you closer to your needs and inner wisdom
- Strengthens self-confidence, creativity and motivation
- Gentle, non-invasive massage that harmonises body cells
- Activates innate self-healing forces and creative energies - feel vibrantly alive and light
- Complements, supports and maximises the effectiveness of any primary therapy, healing process,   rehabilitation or medical treatments

"I grew up with music around me. Dad played the trumpet, guitar, piano, organ, trombone, harmonica and flute. Mum was a non-professional singer. I was in the brass band, church choir, attained The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Grade 8 in classical piano and did classical ballet. Having a blind nephew gave me the opportunity to observe how his other 4 senses are so acute, especially hearing, touch and smell. My daughter Maegan at age 3 started music and dance. She gave her first of many piano recitals at age 3 with a perfect performance of Bach's Minuet 7 and won numerous dance competitions (her dance teacher commenting she never ever missed a beat). I was also privileged to be a doula where I created the environment with aroma and sound frequencies as well as safe touch to assist the mother-to-be and her birthing process ........ experiencing miracles.

I have been formally researching and collating information on the fundamentals of sound therapy for quite a while now and have worked with various instruments, collaborating and applying the knowledge and practise to my healing work. It is such an amazing journey working with these vibrations. Like smell, sound activates the limbic system triggering emotions, memories, motivation, learning and behaviours. This is huge. Just stop, listen and feel". Corrine Brown

Corrine Brown is an Authorised Peter Hess Educational Sound Massage Practitioner, offering Sound Massage treatments and private or group Sound Bath meditation sessions.

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