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Reiki Refresher

A 1-day Reiki Refresher class, for each level, is offered to Reiki practitioners who have been attuned to the Traditional Usui System of Reiki.

Verification is necessary before this class can be undertaken (please see Requirements below).
If the participant has not been attuned to this system, a Reiki I First Degree class is required.

The Reiki Refresher is for Traditional Usui Reiki practitioners who:
- Learnt it a long time ago
- Would like revision
- Would like to re-train
- Have not practised
- Would like to gain more confidence and practise
- Moved state or country, and searching for a local Reiki Master Teacher
- Would like to undertake IHT's Reiki trainings prior to moving on to the next level
- Required as part of IHT's Diploma requirements

From past experiences, observations in terms of less confusion, more confidence, filling in gaps and a much better understanding overall are the outcomes.

Reiki Master Teachers have their own unique styles and may teach different techniques and philosophies. In light of this, our Reiki Refresher class is a buffer to help prepare you with the general background knowledge before proceeding onto the next Reiki level training.

If switching from a different system of Reiki or lineage that is not Traditional Usui System, a complete training of Reiki from Reiki 1 First Degree level is necessary.


Requesting a Reiki Refresher:
- A discussion to ascertain the necessary requirements - determine the gaps to be covered, if any
- Previous Reiki certification/s
- Copy of Reiki Lineage
- Copy of contents

Your previous certification/s and lineage will be verified by a professional Reiki association.
Upon approval by the professional body, a Reiki Refresher can be undertaken.
- IHT manual will be provided but no certificates given for this Refresher
- No attunements will be conducted

If previous trainings, certificates and lineage are not accepted by the professional association, a complete Reiki 1 First Degree training is required.

Institute of Holistic Therapies only trains and abides by the principles and practices of the Traditional Usui System of Reiki - hands-on, individual attunement by a Reiki Master Teacher, in the Usui Reiki tradition.

Over the years, there have been introductions of various styles of Reiki where Reiki practitioners have not been approved by professional associations for membership due to unacceptable lineages and certifications. We strongly recommend you enquire and verify the Reiki Master Teacher's lineage before embarking on your Reiki journey.

Corrine Brown is an AARP Referred Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.
Association of Australian Reiki Professionals

Corrine Brown is an ARC Referred Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.
Australian Reiki Connection

The facilitator is Ms Corrine Brown. In September 1995, she began her new journey with life after having been diagnosed with cancer and an uncertain outlook for the future, she has come a long way in the healing process to recovery, bringing her depth of personal, emotional and physical experience to her group work and training. Corrine is a member of the ARC (Australian Reiki Connection) and AARP Teacher (Association of Australian Reiki Professionals) and teaches and uses Reiki in all of her natural therapy works.

Recommended complementary modalities: Space Cleansing, Aura Healing, Colour Healing, Manifesting Rituals, Pendulum Dowsing, Basic and Advanced Crystal Healings, Chakra Balancing, Bach Flower, Magnified Healing, RESET, Sacred Sounds and Aromatherapy

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