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Third Degree Reiki - Reiki Master

Reiki III is the Third Degree or Master level in the Reiki System of Natural Healing which follows on from the Second Degree and will lead to greater awareness and increase your ability to heal yourself and others.

Reiki Master Degree involves stillness, self-assessment, meditation sessions, a solid foundation of the origins of Reiki and understanding of its history, accompanied with a commitment to the practice of healing sessions and treatments to Self and others.

The atmosphere for the 3 days Reiki III or Reiki Master is given in a relaxed meditative state and a personalised, individualised environment to suit each and every person.

Upon completion of the Master Degree, the new Reiki Master will be able to start out on their own to successfully conduct Reiki lessons and to attune others to all the 3 Degrees of Reiki.

This is the level of "teacher teaching teachers".
The Adept is conferred the title of Reiki Master (Reiki Master Teacher) when the Adept has taught.

Those who have taken Reiki Master training and not taught at least one person would not qualify as Reiki Masters and should call themselves Reiki Master Practitioners until they do teach. If you have taught a friend or family member, then you qualify as a Reiki Master.

Pre-requisites are Reiki I and Reiki II (First and Second Degrees) as well as a strong commitment and dedication for the continued healing to Self and others, and to the Reiki way of life.

Reiki Master Practitioner - Level IIIA/Master Practitioner

Reiki Master Practitioner will deepen your connection to your true and unlimited Self and awaken unconditional love, which is the key to healing.

This is a 1 day self-assessment workshop and a further step for those considering teaching the Reiki System of Natural Healing.

Reiki Master Practitioner Degree covers:
- Revision of Reiki I & II - First and Second Degrees
- Master symbol and its application
- Master attunement
- Self-assessment
- Review of the Chakra system and how it can be used as a diagnostic aid
- Develop your intuitive healing abilities to read the energy in each chakra
- Role and responsibilities of a healer

Reiki Master Teacher - Level Master Teacher/Shinpiden

Reiki Master Teacher in the Reiki System of Natural Healing is 2 days; with a lifetime support and network with their own Reiki Master Teacher as well as other Reiki practitioners.

Reiki Master Teacher Degree covers:
- Setting up Reiki lessons
- Carrying out attunements for each Degree
- Role and responsibilities of a Reiki Master Teacher
- Requirements and expectations of a Reiki Master Teacher

Institute of Holistic Therapies only trains and abides by the principles and practices of the Traditional Usui System of Reiki - hands-on, individual attunement by a Reiki Master Teacher, in the Usui Reiki tradition.

Over the years, there have been introductions of various styles of Reiki where Reiki practitioners have not been approved by professional associations for membership due to unacceptable lineages and certifications. We strongly recommend you enquire and verify the Reiki Master Teacher's lineage before embarking on your Reiki journey.

Corrine Brown is an AARP Referred Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.
Association of Australian Reiki Professionals

Corrine Brown is an ARC Referred Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.
Australian Reiki Connection

The facilitator is Ms Corrine Brown. In September 1995, she began her new journey with life after having been diagnosed with cancer and an uncertain outlook for the future, she has come a long way in the healing process to recovery, bringing her depth of personal, emotional and physical experience to her group work and training. Corrine is a member of the ARC (Australian Reiki Connection) and AARP Teacher (Association of Australian Reiki Professionals) and teaches and uses Reiki in all of her natural therapy works.

Recommended complementary modalities: Space Cleansing, Aura Healing, Colour Healing, Manifesting Rituals, Pendulum Dowsing, Basic and Advanced Crystal Healings, Chakra Balancing, Bach Flower, Magnified Healing, RESET, Sacred Sounds and Aromatherapy

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