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Reiki Absent Healing

Corrine Brown facilitates a Global Absent/Distant Healing group of Reiki Healing practitioners.

You can request healing for yourself, a friend or loved one.
If the request is for someone other than yourself, please ensure that you have gained permission from the recipient to have their name placed on the global healing list.

The Global Healing Group is pleased to offer support and absent/distant healing to you and yours.

There is no charge to request absent/distant healing for yourself or for others; or to join the Global Healing Group.

Absent/distant healing is given with unconditional love by members of the Global Healing Group.

Absent/Distant Healing Requests

To request Absent/Distant Healing please click here:   Request Healing

Join the Global Healing Group

Reiki practitioners of Level Two or higher can join the Healing Group.
The healing request list is emailed to each member of the group at regular intervals.

To join the Global Healing Group please click here:   Join Healing Group