Magnetic Therapy

Permanent magnetic fields, as well as those from electro-magnetic devices, are unique in that they pass freely through all body structures whereas heat, sound, electricity and x-rays are blocked by bones, slowed down by skin resistance, or absorbed when they encounter soft tissue and muscle.

Magnetic fields passes right through everything and can easily reach deep-lying structures such as nerves that transmit pain signals, and pain is the foremost medical motive for the use of magnetic fields.

An adequate blood supply must be present if healing is to proceed normally. Poor circulation may slow down healing. If the blood supply to ligaments is poor, healing is slow, much slower than that of other organs.

Magnetic therapy is a natural treatment and can vastly increase the supply of blood to the area concerned. It works by stimulating blood and chi, creating movement therefore encouraging the body to heal.

Researchers believe that the main actions are relaxation and circulation. Magnetic fields appear to greatly increase the blood flow in tiny capillaries. Capillary action helps pain by speeding up fluid exchange in injured tissue, thereby flushing away the pain and inflammation chemistry at the site. These include unwanted by-products such as lactic acid which are major sources of pain and inflammation.

In one way or another, every human ailment is affected or caused by electromagnetism. The correct balance of this energy is needed for ideal health, and magnetism is the key to the secret of good health and life.

A three hour awareness seminar will help you understand about magnets, magnetism and its effect on the living organism, electromagnetic fields and how magnetic therapy can be beneficial as a preventative device as well as bringing relief and healing for light conditions or serious diseases.

No pre-requisites required.

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