Infant & Child Massage

Touch, our first language, enhances our expression of love, caring, respect and aids in the bonding process.

We speak to the child through our hands by loving touch.

Here is a rewarding opportunity, promoting wellbeing and enhancing bonding between infants and their caregivers. The benefits are many for both baby and parent/caregiver.

Infant Massage assists in the growth and development of baby's body, mind and spirit. It can bring relief to complaints of colic, constipation, respiratory disorders and sleeping difficulties.

Pressure, rate, rhythm, length of the massage, respect, bonding, why baby cries, reading baby's body language, parent empowerment, some common discomforts and their management such as nappy rash, infantile eczema, cradle cap, crying, coughs and colds are some of the skills and topics covered.

Infant and Child Massage empowers parents and enriches families through the nurturing touch - fostering healthy communication, understanding and love for children in our society.

Great for everyone whether you are a mother/father-to-be, new mother/father, working parent, grandparent, a caregiver, a massage therapist or simply interested in learning a new form of massage therapy to enhance your skills and widen your knowledge through the language of touch.

This one-day training is tailored for well, pre-term or special needs babies and older children. Practical strokes are demonstrated on life-sized dolls and life models arranged for the practicum.

No pre-requisites required. We come from a gentle, open heart space.

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