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Hydrotherapy and Evolution of the Spa

A one day workshop on the effects and benefits of water and the ways in the use of water today in various types of spas around the world.

A history of the various hydrotherapy treatments available, their applications, knowledge and benefits in the differences in temperatures (hot/cold), contraindications, physiological and therapeutic effects on the human body for the body's healing back to natural balance will be discussed.

Different spa definitions, terminologies and techniques will be covered briefly so as to have an understanding on the vast array of treatments that involves the use of water.

Treatments for the face, hands & feet, body, hair, bathing, wraps, herbal/mud/seaweed treatments, heat treatments, cellulite and detoxification treatments will be discussed.

This is an awareness workshop for anybody and everybody who is interested in pursuing further in the Spa Industry or just simply wanting to be a better informed client.

No pre-requisites required.