Face Reading

Face Reading is also known as Physiognomy - the study of facial features.

For thousands of years, the ancient sages compiled individual studies to research if there was a direct correlation between facial features and specific fates and if these could determine our fate or personality.

In ancient Greece, Aristotle wrote extensively on Physiognomy categorizing his findings that included physical characteristics of face, body & voice.

Classical Scholars Homer and Hippocrates, wrote of Face Reading as an ancient method of practical philosophy. In the Middle Ages Physiognomy was combined with Astrology and became part of the divination arts.

Facial features readings were used in Europe in the 18th & 19th century as a separate study of criminology to identify potential criminals but in the 20th century it was lost to folklore and superstition.

In the 21st century, Face Reading has re-emerged as a guide in psychoanalysis, and a tool for a competitive edge in the executive boardrooms.

The continuous interest in Face Reading has given credence to an art that the Chinese have always known to be an important guide in human understanding, offering valuable information about human beings.

Begin practicing Face Reading by observing yourself, family members, friends and colleagues.

In one very interesting day, we cover the basics of Face Reading which includes Zones of the face, face shapes, ears and lobes, forehead, hairlines, eyebrows, eyelashes, eyes, colour of iris, nose and nostril shapes, cheeks, mouths, lips and teeth, chin and jaw lines, general lines on the face including wrinkles, dimples and moles.

More importantly we look at what the face reveals in terms of problems or blemishes which would reflect on our internal state of well-being and health. Observing the skin and its problems in relation to the areas on the face, will help indicate potential health imbalances in certain internal organs.

The internal organs are mapped out on the face and the invaluable information that speaks to us in terms of skin language on the face will assist us in our appropriate treatments to offer, skincare products, understanding the body's hormonal cycle or healing areas of the body that require attention.

No pre-requisites required.

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