Oriental TCM Tui Na

In this interesting and exhilarating one-day workshop, you will learn authentic TCM massage techniques as well as experience first hand giving and receiving a Dry Massage followed by Oriental Massage.

Having this training to complement any existing therapies that you are already offering adds to the dimensions on what you can have available.

The choice of having an oil massage, a non-oil massage or a combination of both provides that flexibility.

Dry massage provides the stimulation and warming of the body followed by Oriental massage, which can be performed either with or without the use of oil.

Pre-requisites: Swedish Body Massage, Anatomy & Physiology and Acupressure & Meridian Healing.

Please dress appropriately for a massage session.

Recommended complementary modalities: Aromatherapy, Advanced Massage, Trigger Point, Bamboo Massage, Cupping & Gua Sha, Acupressure & Meridian Healing Massage, Jade Rollers & Ice Ball Massage Therapies, Moxibustion, Crystal Massage, Reflexology, Thai Foot Massage and Thai Herbal Compress