Business Practice and Case Studies

Definition of Business Practice - A method, procedure, process, or rule employed or followed by a company in the pursuit of its objectives.

Definition of Business Ethics - Business Ethics (also Corporate Ethics) is a form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethical principles and moral or ethical problems that arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizations.

Ayurvedic Spa, Holistic Beauty, Holistic Massage & Holistic Therapies Business Practices

A Business Practice, Work Safe And OH&S Guideline Manual is provided.

This module will assist the student's preparatory groundwork to launch an exhilarating healing career, with practical considerations and legal requirements for a new holistic spa and healing business venture.

All modalities are pre-requisites to Business Practice.

Case Studies For All Diplomas

Presentation of case studies are required for every module of the diploma.
A Case Study Guideline Manual is provided.

The facilitation of the healing session will demonstrate student knowledge in all areas of the relevant modalities.

- Students are to treat for each modality, three different clients, three times
- Each treatment session is to be 2.5 hours (30mins setup, 1.5hrs treatment and 30 mins cleanup)
- One week between each session but no more than 2 weeks interval between treatment sessions

The case study is a process of incorporating the basic counselling skills acquired so as to create an holistic approach to the healing session and integrating the theoretical and practical knowledge to tailor the treatments to suit the unique individual needs.

All modalities are pre-requisites to the relevant case studies.

After completion of all Case Studies, your Diploma will be issued.

Institute of Holistic Therapies reserves the right to request any trainee to re-attempt any part of the diploma if need be for satisfactory issuing of the Diploma.

A Personal Note:
May you enjoy your healing journey through these diploma courses and that your fruits of your labour are enjoyed in awareness of every moment.

I wish you bliss, wellness and success on all levels.

Corrine Brown

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