Beauty Basics

Basic Skin Care
Body Massage
Body Treatments
Brow and Lash Tint
Brow Sculpting
Creative Makeup
Facial Massage
Facial Treatments
Lash Perming
Makeup Artistry
Manicure and Pedicure
Mask Therapy

Makeup Basics for Beauty

Over four colourful days, basic makeup principles, face & its form, corrective makeup - contouring, highlighting and shading, base products, colour analysis, skin and skincare, tools, lighting, hygiene, professional ethics, business management and the different eye and lip techniques will be covered:

Makeup Principles And Its Purpose
- Items - Makeup kit, tools of the trade
- Quality and care of tools
- Hygiene, safety, client comfort, preparation or work station
- Purpose
- Fundamental knowledge

Face & Its Form
- Face shapes
- Facial proportion
- Corrective makeup - contouring, shading and highlighting

Base Products
- Application & Techniques
- Various base products and purpose

Colour Analysis
- Which colour is the correct choice
- Cool and warm tones

Eye & Lip Techniques
- Eyebrow Shaping
- Corrective makeup
- Techniques & applications for the various eye and lip shapes
- Highlight, contour and colour positioning

Categories & Styles
- Analysing an individual's personality type, choosing a style of makeup and colour to complement   the client's personality and designing a makeup to suit a theme
- Day & Night - Nude/Naked/Natural/Street wear/Business/Assertive
- Bridal Day & Evening - trial, costs, demo and co-ordinating makeup to suit wedding style
- B/W & Colour Photography - application of false lashes and lighting
- Mature Age & Ethnic Skins
- Four Basic Combinations
- Around The Clock
- Business procedures - career choices as a Makeup Artist

Pre-requisites: Basic Skincare Programme