Bamboo Massage

Each bamboo piece is specifically designed to be perfectly used in massage, facials, manicures, pedicures and more. It promotes a perfect balance of gentle heat with the combination of the healing properties of bamboo which creates a wonderful massage for the treatment of stress, tension and tiredness. It combines the traditional benefits of massage along with the comforting qualities of heat.

This unique massage helps to loosen tight sore muscles, provides a deep sense of relaxation to both the body and mind, stimulates blood circulation, reduces tension, stress and anxiety, increases oxygen flow in the blood and encourages a sense of well being.

Firm pressure is applied rolling and kneading deeply into the muscles to awaken inner energy sources and infuse the body with a positive and vital spirit.

Techniques of applying the sticks warmed, without oil as well as with oil are taught.
Application of the sticks are also taught to be performed seated or lying down.

Come and enjoy the day learning this wonderful technique and experience first hand the versatility, benefits and effects of the bamboo sticks massage.

Pre-requisite: Swedish Body Massage

Please dress appropriately for a massage session.

Recommended complementary modalities: Balinese Massage, Advanced Massage, Trigger Point, Aromatherapy, Oriental Tui Na, Thai Herbal Compress and Lomi Lomi