Aura Healing

An aura is an energy field that contains different colours at different levels. Everything, animate or inanimate objects possesses an aura. With practice, anyone can tune into, see and interpret auras and the colours.

- How to see, sense and read the individual auric field and their colour meaning
- How to develop everyday aura observation and register the changes
- Understand how auras are linked with relationships and how to heal them
- How to change the auric balance of an interaction
- Discover different methods of channelling auric colours
- Techniques for creating and strengthening your aura for healing, protection, health and harmony
- Auric healing with essential oils

No pre-requisites required however Colour Therapy knowledge an advantage.

Recommended complementary modalities: Space Cleansing, Manifesting Rituals, Colour Healing, Pendulum Dowsing, Basic and Advanced Crystal Healings, Chakra Balancing, Bach Flower, Magnified Healing, RESET, Reiki, Sacred Sounds and Aromatherapy