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Ajara Ayurvedic Training

Institute of Holistic Therapies is an Approved Training Provider with Ajara Skin Care in the USA.

All Institute of Holistic Therapies' Ayurvedic trainings meet with approved standards and are accredited by Ajara Skin Care (USA).

Corrine Brown is Ajara Skin Care's (USA) sole and exclusive certified Australian Trainer, delivering all their Ayurvedic modalities. Ajara Certified Trainer

All Ajara Skin Care's (USA) trainings conducted by Corrine Brown of IHT come with Ajara's training protocols and certificates. Certificates are signed by both Principals of the USA and Australia.

Trainees of Institute of Holistic Therapies are entitled to a discount on products ordered with an IHT code.

(A) Quote IHASTUDENT as the discount code during checkout to be entitled to your IHT student       discount

(B) IHT students interested in using Ajara products for their clinical/spa use and for re-sale in retail       or online store will be given an IHT student wholesale discount code. Please enquire with       Corrine for this code

Products can be ordered directly on Ajara's website using the discount code, or through IHT.